healing sculptures

Raku Home Decor



Beautiful Raku Sculptures for harmony in your home

Decorative and functional for meditation, candles, lights, hydro-plants

Technique: Reduced carbon method with mineral glazes in copper, iron and silica.

These biomorphic sculptures are dedicated to our 6 orifices and their relation to our 6 senses. The primitive-contemporary style relates to the connection between the modern world and our primordial perception through sense, taste, smell, touch, and sound.

The name “Florofice” is a hybrid of two words: “orofice” (openings to the senses) and “flor” (flower) in Spanish. The “flower” element in the piece relates to lotus flowers – which in East Indian culture represent the chakras (“wheel” in Sanskrit). Since each chakra is also focused on a specific area of the body, the sculptures take on two forms, an orifice and their complimentary “chakra”.

Hold a sculpture in your hand and have a sensorial experience through touch, smell and even sound. On the bottom of each sculpture is an etching for printing: printed on cut banana and rice paper then strung together with thread they can be shaped un anyway when laid flat or hung as a mobile. Representing kundalini energy the paper mobiles are subtly moved by light wind in the home.
Florofice is a new concept in art related to the practice of yoga and meditation using simplicity and the contemporary to create space in our modern world.