Artist Statement


Hello and welcome to my website! If you are here by intention or by chance I am happy to share my art and story with you.

In 2006 my family moved into an old selenite home in the hills of Bologna, Italy where the ancient selenite quarry is located: the material that laid the foundation of Bologna, giving it its name as the “city of the moon” and “city of silver”.

As I was surrounded by this rock inside my home and outside in my garden, I took a deep interest in knowing more about the nature of this crystallised gypsum. Selenite crystal, is a moonstone named after Selene, the moon goddess (known as Luna in Roman mythology) and became the muse of this project.

As an artist for over 20 years, I began creating prints dedicated to this stone by transforming its metaphysical nature into sacred geometry. The first print Agnya Moon, is based on the nature of selenite as a chakra stone for the third-eye (agnya chakra) and a guardian angel stone. The mandala has a central two-petaled lotus that spirals out into two angel wings.

This pattern is integrated into the paintings of Selene, Garden Goddess, Blue Moon and of course a protagonist in Agnya Moon.

The painting Golden Goddess differs in that it has my Ganesh Hamsa (based on the root chakra) print which she wears as a crown. The red and yellow colors symbolize the magma from the earth while gold reflects the essence of our heart.

The painting Selene (original acrylic on canvas 20 in x 20 in; Giclee print 12 in x 12 in)  is depicted in a reflective state, like the moon on water. She takes on silver tones and wears the Red moon as a hair coil on top of her head. Garden Goddess (original acrylic on canvas; Giclee print 12 in x 16 in) takes on a Matisse-style graphic aesthetic. She is crowned with a small half-moon on her forehead showering moonlight over a green landscape background-inspired by the fact that selenite allows flora to thrive due to its fertile nature. Golden Goddess (original acrylic on canvas; Giclee print 12 in x 16 in) in bold yellow and red, is yet another facet of Selene, feeling regal with her crown but humble in her spirit as she is grounded with a crown representing the “root chakra” while admires the constellations above her.

The moon diptych is based on the large Agnya Moon print and the properties of selenite. Agnya Moon (original acrylic on canvas 20 in x 20 in; Giclee print 12 in x 12 in) is a “full moon” print integrating metaphysical and physical properties of selenite; a mandala representing the third-eye and guardian angel stone with the physical nature of lichen plants that thrives off of selenite in nature. Blue Moon has pieces of the agnya moon mandala in its crescent; it represents another type of “full moon” as blue moons are. The phases of the moon varying and the varying nature of selenite come together in this print.


B.A. Studio Visual Arts, UC San Diego 1987
M.A. Industrial Arts, San Francisco State University 1995
Thesis project University of Naples, Italy 1994 Sustainable Architecture

All paintings and sculptures exhibited here are for sale and available for co-branding by licensing prints with companies.